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About The Market

Shop with the Locals

Since 2016, our market has provided the Permian Basin area with fantastic products and a sense of community. Combining the traditional market experience with essential facilities, The Urban Market of Midland is the perfect spot to enjoy the day.

A visit to our market is much more than just stocking up on groceries or clothes. Urban Market is compared to an open gallery, with a story told by exciting people and captivating vendors. Please explore our site to learn more about the Urban Market of Midland, or drop by and enjoy your day!

The Role: Urban Market of Midland

The role of the market strives to reach urban consumers and local communities throughout the Permian Basin region, including surrounding towns, cities, and suburbs. We celebrate urban life while presenting an opportunity for many affected by the physical and social conditions of urban living—the chance to purchase innovative products from myriad sellers as a platform for universal characteristics of urbanization. The Urban method of life is quite contrary to traditional rural life, though it has influenced rural life, which is in the process of change. The terms ‘ urbanism represents its characteristics,’ and the process of its expansion is called ‘urbanisation.’

In our region, the Urban population remains diversified, consisting of various shades of people, classes, ethnic groups, and religions that indicate personal differences and considerable diversity. The Urban Market of Midland advocates for a local street market to explore relationships, a variety of goods, exposure to various cultures, and create networks that propel the heterogeneous environment in which we operate. 

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